Wednesday, 30 April 2014




CHATELET a new product from DELSEY Paris, France a well-know brand designed for exclusive and poised people. DELSEY makes you noticeable in the crowed and now they introduced CHATELET which express everything DELSEY, it's a concentrated elegance and innovation which is very  applicable and usable for all high-class occasions styled with elegant and tasteful with soft leather trim. Made out of MAKROLON ® polycarbonate, the collection is durable, scratch-resistant and lightweight and has been presented with second place in the Travel Goods Show Product Innovation Awards.

It features the DELSEY patented Zip SecuriTech, which is 41 times more resilient than a conventional zipper, on the medium and large sizes. 

An identification plate is also included for easy tracking if the luggage is lost. In case of loss you will be notified via email by the person who found your luggage. The Hinomoto wheels and brakes featured on this product are Japanese branded components. With a silent-running wheels.The very easy-to-use brake is applied to the luggage's front wheels, allowing it to be rolled on two wheels, leaving the brake engaged for four-wheel rolling. 

Also comes with other colors: